Jackie Jackson

Full name: Sigmund Esco Jackson
Date of birth: May 4th, 1951
Children: (with Enid Spann) Siggy (1977) Brandi (1982), (with Emily Jackson) Jaylen and River (2014)



Jackie was born Sigmund Esco on May 4, 1951 in Gary, Indiana exactly on Katherine's 21st birthday. Because he is the oldest son, he was most aware of the start and success of the Jackson Five. His childhood was taken away, but Jackie enjoyed this way of life also. Jackie had fun on the contests they joined.

Sports was another hobby of Jackie. When he was 19 he gave up a promising American Football carreer for music. Besides, the incredible huge success of the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons.

Even though Jackie plays instruments like guitar and piano, he only sings on songs by The Jackson Five and The Jacksons. He is the lead singer on songs like “Wondering Who” and “Wait”.

Jackie also made some solo albums. In 1973 Motown released his solo debut called simply Jackie Jackson. This album was a rare piece of recording by Jackie, apart from the Jackson 5. It took Jackie 16 years to make another album. In 1989 Be The One was released. This album contains the singles “Stay”, “Be The One” and “Cruzin”. In 1989, The Jackson brothers made a comeback with their album 2300 Jackson Street.

Jackie listens to music of other artists very much. He adores old soul but also modern music. Jackie is concerned about the fact everybody can be a star. The fact you need to be good looking to star in a video. Nobody's making real music anymore.

Jackie married Enid Spann in 1974. They divorced in 1987 and Enid died several years ago. They have a son Siggy and a daughter Brandi. Brandi did some modeling. Jackie married again in 2006 to Emily and became the parent of twin boys Jaylen and River in 2014. 

In 2002, Jackie founded Futurist Entertainment, and Jesco Records is a division of that company. He’s trying to launch new stars, as well as his son Siggy aka Dealz who makes his hip-hop and rap music.

In 2011, Jackie released another solo single called "We Know What's Going On". In 2012 Jackie and his brothers Tito, Marlon and Jermaine reunited to get back on the road and they have been performing shows and festivals ever since.

In 2020, together with his wife Emily, Jackie joined forces with Robert Milder, the founder of dutch-based sustainable furniture brand Van de Sant. With their shared vision, they are committed to ensuring that we will reshape this world for many generations to come. Together, they will bring sustainability straight to your living room to make this world a better place.

On Stage

With The Jacksons:

With The Jackson 5:

We Know What's Going On

We Know What's Going On
Siggy Music, 2010
We Know What's... (Dance Remix)
Siggy Music, 2010

Be The One (1989)

Be The One
Polygram Records, 1989

1. Stay
2. Be The One
3. Fun
4. Who's Loving You Now
5. Cruzin'
6. Fine Fine Lady
7. Stuck On You
8. Don't Rush It
9. Broken Heart
10. Stay (12" Remix)

Singles and Music Videos

Jackie Jackson (1973)

Jackie Jackson
Motown Records, 1973

1. Love Don't Want To Leave
2. It's So Easy
3. Thanks To You
4. You're The Only One
5. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind
This Time)
6. Do I Owe
7. Is It Him Or Is It Me
8. In My Dreams
9. One And The Same
10. Bad Girl


Jackie Jackson contributed with vocals to the following tracks 

Life Ain't Easy - Dealz feat. Jackie Jackson (2012)

That's How I Feel - Dealz feat. Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson (2011)

We Know What´s Going On - Jacques Terreblanche feat. Jackie Jackson (2011)  

All I Wanna Do - Dealz feat. Jackie Jackson (2010)

This Is It | Michael Jackson, This Is It (2009)

We Are The World | USA for Africa (1985)

Love Song | La Toya Jackson, My Special Love (1981)

Don't Stand Another Chance | Janet Jackson, Dreamstreet (1984) 

We Are The World | USA for Africa (1985)

White Heat | Madonna, True Blue (1986)

Freedom | Tramaine Hawkins, Freedom (1987)


That's How I Feel
Dealz feat. Jackie & Jermaine
Siggy Music, 2011
We Know What's Going On
Jackie & Jacques Terreblanche